Top Tips for Designing the Perfect Window Graphic for Your Business

Top Tips for Designing the Perfect Window Graphic for Your Business

Ads are everywhere. The average person encounters up to 10,000 ads every day. Yet most people forget the ads they see within seconds. 

If you want your ads to stand out, you need to use bold formats. A window graphic can promote your business and sell your products through subtle motifs, but before you put graphics on your windows, you need to understand a few critical design concepts. 

What are window graphics, and what kinds of graphics can you get? What colors and texts should you select? How should you lay out your graphic to create an appealing design? 

Answer these questions and you can have incredible window graphics in less time than you think. Here is your quick guide.

Understand Your Options for a Window Graphic

You have four different options for window graphics. Window clings are thin graphics that you place against a window, relying on suction to keep it in place.

You can move your clings around to different windows and transport them to other locations. This makes it the best option for businesses that are expanding quickly or reorganizing multiple times within a year. 

Opaque decals are permanent window designs that have an adhesive on one side. As the name suggests, you cannot see through opaque decals in a window. You can use a wide variety of colors and text in your business graphics. 

Frosted decals are translucent so a small amount of light can pass through your windows. This makes them a good option if you want to create privacy between parts of your office. You can also place the decal on the window of a door, indicating what is behind the door. 

Perforated decals are completely see-through. Many companies place perforated decals on the windows of their vans, advertising their services while letting drivers look through the windows. These decals are for commercial purposes only.

Before you make your decision, contact a graphic design company, and ask for examples of each type. Some companies specialize in one type, so try to find a company that produces the specific window designs you want.

Select Essential Colors

You can use nearly any color in your wall graphics. However, you should be strategic and think of the colors that will sell your business well and be easy to see. 

Contrast allows people to look at your graphic from a distance. White text on a black background is easy to read. If your office is bright, you may want to create a dark graphic, so it stands out.

If a white-black contrast would be too stark, you can look at complementary color combinations. Blue text on an orange background and red text on a green background are two popular contrasts. 

You should select colors that generate positive emotions and impressions in the minds of your viewers. Red can be associated with power and energy, but it is also associated with violence and danger. Weigh the pros and cons of each color and think about who you are marketing to.

When in doubt, use the colors in your company logo. People may already associate those colors with your brand, so using them again will generate brand familiarity. 

Find a Readable Font

It is essential that people can read the font on your custom wall murals. For every ten feet before your reader and your graphic, you need to add one inch to the height of your font. If your viewer is 50 feet away, your font should be at least five inches tall. 

Select a font where the letters are not too close together. You don’t want big spaces between the letters, however bunched-up letters can be uncomfortable to read. 

As with colors, fonts can leave psychological impressions in the minds of your viewers. Serif fonts are classical, and they can generate feelings of trust and decency.

Look at a few serif fonts and select one that you like. Do not use multiple fonts on your graphic, as the visual contrast can be too distracting.

Utilize Good Design Principles

Contrast is just one design principle that you must use in your window graphic. Your elements should be in a hierarchy, with the most important items highest on your window. These elements can also be bigger in size than the other things in your graphic. 

You can place the most important information at eye level. This makes the text easier to read. If you are designing a window graphic to promote a product or service, you should prioritize this hierarchy over a top-to-bottom layout.

Though you should adopt a hierarchy, your elements should be aligned with each other. Items should be the same amount of space away from the edges of your graphics. You can select any typographic alignment you want, though most graphic designers like to flush their text to the left.

Repetition can be good if you are making a line of window graphics or reinforcing your other marketing efforts. If you have a company logo, you should place it on each decal you design.

You do not have to fill your window graphic with design elements. Having some blank space can give your viewer’s eye a break and create sections inside your graphic.

Plaster a Beautiful Graphic on Your Window

Making a great window graphic requires performing a few steps. You need to select a cling or a decal after considering your business needs.

Pick colors that will create appealing contrasts and make your business seem professional and inviting. Select a font you can read from a distance that reflects the most important qualities of your products. Adopt important design principles like hierarchy, repetition, and blank space. 

If you’re struggling with these window ideas, turn to experienced graphic designers. Contact us today.