How to Use Window Graphics for Seasonal and Holiday Marketing

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Holidays come around like clockwork. It seems like Easter just finishes, then it’s all America and fireworks, and suddenly there are pumpkins on the doorsteps, or Santa Claus is popping down the chimney!

Marketers and business owners need to be well prepared for these times of the year. Getting your advertising sorted out well before the festive season will put you ahead of the game.

Failure to prepare could mean less exposure to foot traffic or your target audience, which equals lost profits.

If you’re a store owner, that means planning, choosing, designing, and maintaining your window designs. Let’s find out how to precisely do that!

Not All Seasonal Window Designs Are Made Equal

Selecting the correct type of window graphic is crucial to achieving your marketing objectives.

For example, vinyl decals and clings are ideal for creating intricate and detailed designs. Banners and posters are better suited for larger designs and messages.

Additionally, it’s essential to consider the durability of your window graphics. They’ll be exposed to all kinds of weather conditions. They also need to stand up to repeated installation and removal if you want to reuse them each season.

There are various types of window graphics available for seasonal marketing ideas, including:

  • Vinyl decals
  • Clings
  • Banners
  • Posters

Ideally, you’ll create a custom option with a professional content creation company. They can advise you on which style is best for your business or even combine options to help you really stand out.

Window Ideas for Promoting Seasonal Offers

Seasonal holiday periods are never a surprise, but coming up with fresh ideas year after year can be challenging. Here are some ideas to get you started.

Lean Into Tradition

There are many tried-and-true traditions, sentiments, and imagery you can lean into for your window display campaigns.

Use red and pink, numerous hearts, and romantic messages to promote Valentine’s Day specials, such as romantic dinners or unique gifts.

Use shades of green, shamrocks, and Irish-themed slogans to promote St. Patrick’s Day discounts on green merchandise or festive food and drinks.

Create windows full of pastel colors, bunnies, eggs, and spring-related messages for your Easter sales and specials.

Everyone goes outdoors on the 4th of July! Summer has arrived, so the weather is warm, and everyone’s in a good mood. Adorn your windows with patriotic colors and imagery, BBQs, family time outside, camping, hiking, and more.

Have some fun with Halloween sales and specials. Think orange and black, pumpkins, bats, and all things spooky.

Thanksgiving is chilly and family-focused, so create a warm, inviting atmosphere with fall colors, turkeys, pumpkins, food-filled dinner tables, fireplaces, and messages of gratitude.

Go bigger than ever for your Christmas windows! Traditional colors include silver, gold, red, and green. Imagery should focus on jolly Santa, cute reindeer, pretty snowflakes, and heartwarming messages.

Finally, don’t forget to use window graphics to promote holiday events or sales, such as Black Friday or Cyber Monday.

Do Something Unexpected

Depending on your brand and what you’re selling, you could also go the non-traditional route. Delight your customers with humor, shock, or something out of left field.

Here are some ideas to take inspiration from:

  • Turn your window display into an attractive photo booth with a hashtag people can use when uploading the photo to social media
  • Include a QR code that sends people to your online store, catalog, or newsletter sign-up. You’ll get more in-store and online customers
  • Combine window decals with physical window displays to create a multi-layered 3D effect
  • Collaborate with famous local artists (like street artists) to create custom designs. This will draw their fans to you
  • Go oversized and fill a tall window with enormous, ultra-bright decals or a poignant quote that makes customers think
  • Show your support for a timely cause, charity, or political affiliation that you know your customers resonate with
  • If your windows are generally see-through, consider building suspense for a product launch or reveal by covering them up for a certain period

If you’re still stuck, turn to image-focused social media! Pinterest has many ideas, as does Instagram (search hashtags like #windowdisplay).

Benefits of Seasonal Window Graphics

Window decals and other stick-on window displays have been proven to increase sales, drive foot traffic, and more! We touched on this above, but let’s dive deeper into the benefits of print marketing for glass.

Increased Brand Awareness

Shoppers are inundated with business marketing in the lead-up to any major holiday. Window decals and other window promotions help you attract attention to your store. This, in turn, increases brand visibility and awareness, helping you stand out from competitors.

In fact, a well-crafted window display has the potential to influence a shopper’s purchase decisions over 20% of the time.

Improved Customer Engagement

Often, your products and services are hidden away inside your store. If customers don’t step inside or look at your website, how will they know what you’re offering?

Window graphics create an interactive experience for customers, giving them insight into your pricing, product quality, inventory, and more before they even enter.

Boosted Sales

It’s well-documented that a cleverly designed seasonal window display drives foot traffic and encourages impulse purchases. Choose not to implement this marketing tactic, and you are doing so at your own detriment.

Enhanced Customer Experience

No matter what the holiday is, include relevant seasonal themes in your window displays.

Customers are already feeling festive. By making a vibrant, cheerful, or eye-catching display, you enhance the emotion of the season. This creates a welcoming atmosphere in your store.

Cost-Effective Marketing

Compared to other forms of advertising, seasonal window graphics can be a cost-effective marketing tool that can be easily changed and updated as the seasons change.

You can measure the effectiveness of your seasonal window display using methods like traffic counting and measuring dwell time. Match those figures against your marketing budget spend and sales to see if you’re on the right track.

Window Designs Work for Seasonal Promotion

A prepared business is a profitable business.

Choose the correct type of window graphic. Design an effective display that effectively promotes your seasonal offers, and when the season is over, carefully remove the designs and store them away.

You never know, you might be able to use them again in a few years!

If you’re in Cornelius, NC, and struggling to develop great ideas, consult the professional content creation team at Pure Design Creative. We have a toolbox of talent, from photographers to graphic designers to large-format printing experts, at your disposal.

Get a head start on your competitors! Contact us to discuss your seasonal window designs today.