Glass and Window Finishes

Can your business benefit from an influx of new marketing ideas? Wherever your business is located, there are sure to be other businesses vying for attention. How do you stand out from the crowd and generate new clients or customers? The answer is with custom window finishes.

Whether your business is on Main Street with lots of windows overlooking traffic or in an office or industrial complex, there are opportunities for window glass design ideas. Glass is often a very overlooked marketing tool, but glass can be used in many and varied ways to promote, educate, create privacy, and display what your business is all about.

Attract Attention With Window Graphics in Cornelius

Window finishes come in all shapes and sizes. There are window tints to keep out the sun, and finishes to control privacy, designs that allow you to control visibility in or out of a room or office. Architectural window design ideas can highlight your logo in a way that plays over and over in people’s minds whenever they think of your business.

Using custom window finishes, you will see just how effective advertising on glass can be for your company. Vinyl graphics are great for any business retail or street-facing windows.

The one thing they do best is capture people’s attention. Window designs are continuous advertising tools that are extremely eye-catching. Visually appealing graphics demand customers’ attention, much more so than some old brochure. Window signage has long held the advantage over other forms of advertising, because they are so eye-catching and immediate.

If you have a storefront business, window designs have particular advantages. People love innovative and bold statements, and a window glass design done specifically for your business will have people stopping to look at your storefront business. You want signage that is engaging and vibrant – something which will make that unique first impression, which is so important.

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    Benefits of Using Window Design Ideas

    • Useful for long term or short term messaging
    • Customizable to any window
    • Easy to install and to remove
    • Encourages walk-in traffic
    • Allows for privacy
    • Your branding message is unique

    Types of Window Finishes

    Vinyl Window Decals – Take advantage of the many ways to use window graphics on interior glass. Glass walls can provide privacy, a conference room can benefit from vinyl frosting, and custom window finishes can be used across multiple windows, even elevators. With our large-format printing, there is virtually nothing we cannot install for you. Window graphics, window signs, and vinyl window decals look great and convey your message nicely every time.

    Frosted Vinyl Window Graphics – For that etched glass effect you love, try frosted vinyl. It gives you an opaque look and is often used in offices and conference rooms because of how customizable it is. Especially for those spaces where extra privacy is warranted, frosted vinyl can improve office culture and help make better connections between you and your employees.

    Perforated Vinyl Graphics – Corporate offices, restaurants, large storefront windows can all benefit from perforated vinyl. This type of window glass design makes for a great impression for people on the outside looking in and allows people on the inside to still see out. Coordinate the designs with your business logo and colors, and you will see how dynamic a look you can have.

    Custom Cut Vinyl Lettering – If you are looking for an engaging way to relay information to your customers, why not through custom cut vinyl lettering. This is where you can relay important information in new and unique ways. Let folks know your business hours, phone numbers, website, and more. You can be as big and bold or small and soft as you need to be. For all simple needs, vinyl lettering may well be what your business needs.

    Window Graphics for Every Window

    It does not matter how large or how small – our window design ideas are crafted with you in mind. With a variety of patterns available, you can choose a design that allows the perfect amount of visibility, privacy, or light into your spaces.

    Our large-format printing gives us the ability to maximize vinyl graphics technology and give you the solutions you want. Pure Design Studio in Cornelius specializes in creative solutions for all of your advertising and marketing needs. We are located in the Charlotte/Lake Norman area, and we have a passion for all aspects of photography, graphic design, videography, and large-format printing.

    Wherever you are and whatever your business needs, we have the toolbox that is just right for you. Contact us today for more information. We are looking forward to learning more about your business and how we can help you achieve your goals with our excellent window designs and professional installers.

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