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As a marketer, you need resources. We’re here for you.

We know how important marketing is to your business. If you do not have the time or experience to do it yourself, a professional can spotlight your products and services to the world. The modern consumer of today wants to be able to see for themselves what you have to offer.

Pure Design Studio in Cornelius, NC is in the business of product photography for agencies, marketers, and non-creatives. We assist well-known businesses all around your area and offer the finest in food photography, custom wall wraps, window designs, custom vehicle decals, business car wraps, a professional commercial photography, and so much more.


Don’t settle for ordinary. Great photography sells your product or service.

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Product Photography in Cornelius

You have products to sell. Our full-service commercial product photography studio can take all of your small to medium-sized products and showcase them to the world. This includes, but is not limited to, cooking utensils, jewelry, clothing, medical devices, gifts, and general photography. As a commercial photographer, we use strobes and constant lighting technologies that are state of the art. Using these techniques, our product photographer can beautifully capture your products for marketing, advertising or packaging solutions.

Cornelius Food Photography

If you own a restaurant, catering business, or other small food enterprise, you want to wow your customers will all you can do for them. At Pure Design Studio in Cornelius, NC, we have the experience needed to help you with all of your food photography needs, including menu selections, styling for your website, and other captivating images that are unique to you.

Most of our restaurant clients are photographed on location. This way, we can showcase the food as well as the surroundings. We are there to not only capture food images, but also to convey the ambience of your business, and how it will appeal to your customers. Our experienced food photographer knows how to create photos for that priceless presentation you need.

Vehicle Wraps & Decals

Shout your brand loud and proud! Generate new customers.

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Commercial Vehicle Wraps & Decals

There is nothing quite like advertising on wheels. That is what our custom vehicle wraps can do for your business vehicles. Wherever you go, your business can be seen by thousands of eyes every day. It is the quickest way we know to send your message out to the masses. Our custom vehicle decals bring your branding and message to the world. Our Cornelius, NC vehicle wrap installer can typically install in just one day. For some of the finest custom vehicle designs you can find, contact Pure Design Studio.

Wall Murals

Create a new environment. Redecorate without buying furniture.

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Custom Wall Murals

Is your business location in need of a redesign? Something eye-catching and professional? Remodel your office or business with beautiful custom wall graphics.

Wall art has much to offer, and it can be the perfect way to give your business the boost it needs. We offer a wide variety of custom wall murals for every professional space. Whether you are a small business working out of your home, a corporate office, showroom, medical facility, museum, retail, or restaurant space, we work with all types of commercial businesses. Need a unique setting? Want to educate or inspire? Our team will put it all together for you.


Control light and privacy with 100s of patterns, textures, or images.

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Window Glass Design

Glass is one of the best advertising spaces, yet it is often overlooked. Here you can highlight your branding or display sales promotions. Furthermore, can ensure your privacy by providing window designs just right for your business from our commercial photographer.

Step Up Your Marketing Game Today

We have the window design ideas you have been looking for, so let our experienced team show you how we can enhance every space for privacy, beauty, and branding. We do everything from window tints to architectural glass finishes, all of which are matched to your brand and distributed throughout your business spaces.

Our patterns give you window designs that allow you to control the level of visibility into or out of a room. You can do a lot with glass design, and our glass and window finishes are exactly what you need to give your business that true professional touch.

Our experienced and creative team will show you our creative designs, and we will explain to you all facets of what we do as a commercial photographer. We know what will look and work best for your business, your website, product information, company vehicles, and more. We can help shout out to the world exactly who you are and what you do.

Our specialties include creating realistic and vibrant commercial photography, and we can do so either on-location or in our photography studio. Our studio is equipped to help create some of the most innovative and beautiful photography you have seen to highlight every aspect of your business. For great photography that sells your products or services, custom wall graphics, window glass design, and business car wraps, you can have it all with Pure Design Studio.

At Pure Design Studio in Cornelius, NC, we understand commercial photography. When you contact us, we are ready to help. So, call today and see how we can make your life easier and your business more profitable.

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